Unplug introduces the new dual USB charger TC3400, designed to suit the charging needs of many individuals with both tablet and smartphone today.

 It is more and more common for everyone to own both a tablet and smartphone in their daily life. The role of tablet nowadays can sometimes replace a laptop computer for people on-the-go. This increases the need to have a more powerful charging accessory. Unplug creates the dual USB charger TC3400, a charger which can simultaneously charge 2 devices at the same time, up to 3.4A capacity. This means the user only needs to have the TC3400, instead of 2 individual chargers, one for tablet and one for smart phone, to charge their tablet/iPad with their smart phones.

The TC3400 is available in World Travel Pack which contains 4 different plugs or individually with one plug in EU, US, UK, AUS or Korea format.