Unplug Products
Unplug Goal

Unplug is a brand consisting of mobile charging accessories with exceptional design, charge quality and efficiency. The mission of Unplug is to provide a simpler, better way of living in the age of mobile devices.

The range of Unplug products is developed under 3 categories : the Home & collection benefits from their dual and retractacle chargers with 2000 mAh power for a fast charge convenience. The play collection presents emergency battery for iphone 4 and iphone 5 and wirless bluetooth speaker. Our iphone accessory are certified made for iphone and the lightning cable permits a perfect refill of the iPhone 5.

A word from the director

 « These are the little things that annoys us, such as the mess of cables, the long it takes to charge a device, inferior quality and poor design. Our goal is to change all that by delivering solutions that enable simpler and better ways of living in the mobile age »

Serge Simon, General Manager

Unplug Story

Established in early 2011 in Hong Kong, the team of Unplug consists of creative professionals and engineers. Working closely with the design team in France and the engineers in Asia locally, we are constantly up to date with what is out in the market in the world of mobile devices, to enable us to develop charging accessories which fit/work with the latest products in the most simple way.


The increasing popularity and demand of mobile products, (from surfing the internet or running applications on your mobile phone or tablets, digital cameras, GPS, digital photo frames) there is a huge demand for mobile accessories, either for function or for lifestyle/fashion.

Unplug Values

Better Quality

The quality of our components, the rubber finish for better grip, and even our cables are made to last and to keep you charged.


Better Design

Charging accessories should be designed as thoughtful as the products that are being charged. Our products are the creations of our design team in France, who works closely with our engineers in Asia. Every small detail is carefully considered during the design process.


Better Innovation

Our engineers and design team invented the double device charger with retractable cables to prevent mess, is one of our iconic creations.